The Quantity Surveyor – A Vital Resource

The process of a construction project requires a lot of different stages to be achieved successfully.

The contractor has to submit a bid at the tender stage, if that bid is accepted the contractor has to mobilise and procure materials and personnel, and there will be sub-contractors to engage and manage. Budgets must be set and importantly adhered to, any changes costed and billed for and at the end of the project and all the invoices must be issued and justified. None of these processes can be achieved without one vital contributor- the Quantity Surveyor (QS)

The QS is crucial in all these stages. They prepare the tender bid by studying the requirements of the project, the materials, personnel, and time required to complete it. If they get this wrong then either the tender will not be successfully won or it will not be possible to make a profit on the project. Post tender the QS must ensure the correct materials are procured at the projected cost. The QS must also ensure that any bids from sub-contractors are for the correct materials or works needed at the estimated costs. Finally, as the project goes forward all works, materials, and variations must be monitored and invoiced for.

At this particular time, the role of the QS is even more important.

The Global Pandemic, huge increases in energy and transportation costs, and difficulties in recruitment and travel due to different International Covid 19 regulations are considered to be high risk to most construction projects in today’s. market. If your organisation doesn’t have a strong QS department then mitigating these problems is going to be difficult.

So what should you be looking for? A recognised degree plus a professional qualification for example the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in the United Kingdom or the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AQIS) is absolutely essential. Relevant experience in the role successfully having worked on projects of a similar nature and the ability to work with others and co-ordinate in an organised and collegiate manner.

As many processes have become organised the role of the Quantity Surveyor has evolved almost into a highly specialised Project Manager. The value of the role should be obvious.

If your organisation is seeking a fully vetted and qualified Quantity Surveyor, let us assist you using our network of experienced and qualified QS connections in the industry, please reach out to me. or visit our website

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