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How do we work?

We try to keep things simple in a complex World so the following is our process-

  • We review your formal job description.
  • We arrange a call with the person directly responsible for making this hire and run through a detailed brief with them to get more nuanced information.
  • G-TEK uses its extensive network and all available tools to create a shortlist of the best candidates and we interview them ourselves.
  • The ones we select as the best fit for your available role will be submitted to yourselves for consideration.
  • Once you have chosen whom you want to speak with we will arrange a conference call or video conference, we will introduce you to the candidate then either leave the call or remain if you so wish, we can provide video or audio of the calls afterwards for you to review or share with colleagues.
  • When you decide on the best candidate, we negotiate the best package for yourselves and make sure all necessary paperwork is in place ie contracts and terms and conditions of employment.
  • G-TEK submits it’s agreed invoice.
  • The candidate becomes a member of your team.

We repeat the process for the next role available in your thriving organisation.