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Increasing environmental fluctuations, ie climate change, can be seen across the World. Record temperatures across Europe. Drought then huge floods in Pakistan. Unforeseen, sustained, freezing conditions in Texas causing the entire power grid to collapse. The MENA region has long dealt with harsh conditions, blazing heat, lack of potable water and the shamal winds that can create a “brown out” within minutes. The question for Governments and industries, particularly the construction sector is how do
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Technology has changed the World in the last decade or so. The technology we use in our everyday lives has transformed the way we interact with the World around us and the pace of evolution is speeding up as the newly available technologies allow ever greater projects to be undertaken. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how technology will impact the construction sector and the people that work within it
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The process of a construction project requires a lot of different stages to be achieved successfully. The contractor has to submit a bid at the tender stage, if that bid is accepted the contractor has to mobilise and procure materials and personnel, and there will be sub-contractors to engage and manage. Budgets must be set and importantly adhered to, any changes costed and billed for and at the end of the project and all the
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solar and wind clean energy
Governments around the World have committed their countries to achieve the goal of net zero by 2050, this means that their territory will no longer produce more carbon dioxide than they remove from the atmosphere. They have set out various ways they will do this, for example the UK government have announced a ban on the sale of cars powered by internal combustion engines by 2030 and hybrid cars by 2035. The International Energy Agency